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MSNIM Management Review (MMR) is an open access journal published by the Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management and structured to cater to the knowledge needs of management practitioners, researchers, and academicians. This journal, started in 2023, publishes scholarly empirical and theoretical inter-disciplinary research articles on management, policy, business strategy, human resource management, marketing, entrepreneurship and allied subjects. Issues are published bi-annually in January and July. MMR invites manuscripts that provide innovative managerial insights into the core business functions. The manuscript should be precise, and the findings should support either empirical data or a well-justified theoretical model and be well-written. The sole criterion for publication is a worthy contribution to the existing management literature. The papers that focus on emerging trends from the global perspective are preferred the most.

Full-length research articles (up to 3000 words) on all the aspects of business facets and management pedagogy form the core of the journal. The concepts such as present-focused discussion, interview papers, and book reviews are also featured.

The journal is peer-reviewed and follows a ‘double-blind’ review process. All papers submitted go through a preliminary review at the editorial desk and those considered appropriate for publication are sent to the advisory Board.

The following concise checklist offers a convenient guide for your submission and manuscript review process:

  1. Ensure that the submitted papers are not under consideration by another journal simultaneously.
  2. Disclose and elaborate on any existing or potential data overlap with previous studies in your letter to the Editor.
  3. To preserve masked review, furnish an anonymized data transparency table detailing the actual or potential data overlap.
  4. All manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

On the recommendations of the Advisory board, the article may be accepted for publication.

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Author Guidelines

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