The institution has a spacious library and reading room with exquisite knowledge base and exquisite collection of reference material for the faculty and students.

The information resources in the library include print and non-print resources comprising rich collection of subject books, national and international journals, and databases. The library has about 8,024 books and subscribes to 30 periodicals published in India and abroad on key functional areas of management and its allied subjects. In addition, the library subscribes to two on-line databases.

Print Resources

The print resources consists books, periodicals, students’ project reports, company balance sheets/annual reports, general and business newspapers, and special collections including institutional publications.


Library has a good collection of well-chosen books on management and related subjects. Each functional area such as finance, marketing, HRM/HRD, production etc. has wide range of useful books. There are a good number of books on Research Methodology. We also have the best collection of reference books like encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and stock exchange and industrial directories, subject handbooks, statistical data reports and yearbooks.

Special Collections

The special collection includes books and reports published by Harvard Business School, Reserve Bank of India, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training.

Newspapers & Periodicals

Library subscribes to important business and general newspapers and around 30 print periodicals (magazines and journals) published from India and abroad as well research/scholarly publications like Vikalpa, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review etc. The back volumes of journals are preserved in bound form and 625 such bound volumes are available in the library.


In-house news bulletins from various organizations are available at the library.

Students’ Project Reports

The students of B schools during their studies are required to do a project work to gain real experience in corporate world and submit a project report to organization and the institute of their study. Such students’ project reports are preserved in the library for ready reference.

Company Annual Reports

The library has Annual reports of major limited Indian companies for the past several years and these reports are arranged alphabetically on racks.

Electronic Resources

The library’s Non-print collection includes Electronic databases (Online), In-house Developed Databases and CDs

Online Electronic Databases

  1. Proquest-ABI Inform Complete Full-text scholarly business database, providing the leading collection for more than 4000 journals.
  2. J-Gate Plus(JSMS) Abstracting and indexing database in management comprising indexes of reputed journals in management including large number of full text of articles.

In-House developed Electronic databases (Intranet)

In addition to subscribed electronic databases, the library has developed a few in-house databases, which are accessible on Intranet. They are listed below:

  1. Bibliographic databases: Databases consisting Bibliographic details of library Books, Journals, Bound volumes, Students’ project reports, CDs and Company annual reports.
  2. Data Expo: In house indexing journal to the print issues of Journals subscribed to the institution. This database contains information of journal articles such as author, title of the article, volume and issue number and the name of the journal since 2003.
  3. Faculty Publications: List of articles /papers presented at national and international seminars and conferences.


The library has CDs/DVDs on management and related subjects. The CD collection includes subject CDs, Cds accompanied with books and journals.