As per UGC, NAAC, and the Supreme Court guidelines, POSH Cell is set in the institute to provide a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for female staff members and students. Being a coeducational institution, it provides equal opportunities for both boys and girls to develop their leadership qualities. Quite a good number of females work hand in hand with male staff to attain the institute's objectives. Hence, any unwelcome sexually motivated behavior, whether directly or by implication involving physical contact or advances, demand for sexual favours, sexually fouled remarks, and other unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal expressions of a sexual nature which affects the right to work in a compatible environment at the workplace are strictly observed and severely punished. This cell aims to create awareness among the students and staff about the cohesive atmosphere and working diligently to prevent sexual harassment in the college. Complaints of sexual harassment shall be complained to internal committee, and members of the committee following the rules and regulations of the institute shall take appropriate disciplinary actions.