MSNIM Dialogue Series

March 19, 2022

Manel Srinivas Nayak institute of Management organized the MSNIM Dialogue series on the 19th of March 2022 at the Swarna Academy Hall in the campus. The guest for the event Air Vice Marshall Mr. P. K. Kuruvilla VSM(Retd) who joined through the online mode. The dialogue was conducted by Shri V. Leeladhar, Formal Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India.

The Dignitaries Were Introduced and Welcomed by Assistant Professor Nanditha Sunil. The students were educated on what to expect from the dialogue series. The dialogue series began with Mr. P.K. Kuruvilla and Shri V. Leeladhar sharing their nostalgic Memories from their college days as they were classmates back in their college days.

Both being from engineering backgrounds completing their education from one of the oldest engineering colleges in Kerala, The Government Engineering College, Thrissur, explained about how life is unpredictable and the necessity to take up chances and opportunities for achieving one's dreams.

Mr P.K. Kuruvilla also encouraged the students to never give up on their goals and highlighted the fact that what you learn in college might not always be useful in life. Experience and smart thinking of a person play a very important role in life.

Mr P.K. Kuruvilla shared that He was a good sportsman back in the old days. He was the state goalkeeper for hockey. Mr P.K. Kuruvilla shared the importance of consistent practice and dedication to achieve anything needed in life and excel in the field.

When asked about why Mr P.K. Kuruvilla chose the air force, He shared that he was always fantasized with air machines and that no machines can fly without an engineer which is why he chose to enter the air force.

Mr. P.K. Kuruvilla shared his experience on being part of the Indo- Pak war 1971.He shared that this war took place for 13 days from 3-16 December 1971.The war used to take place from 5:30am -6:00pm. He said that he himself used to be at the battle grounds as early as 4:30am in the morning and stay till 9:00pm in the evenings.

He appreciated all the air force pilots for their dedication towards their country. He said that they had made the motto of “save your aircraft then save yourself.”

Mr. P.K. Kuruvilla also appreciated his wife for all the support and shared that nothing is possible without the support of family. Hats off to all the people who serve the army and their family for all their support. Sir shared that in the army, they all take care of each other.

Further when Shri Leeladhar asked Mr. P.K. Kuruvilla about if reading was necessary in his journey of achieving his dreams, he answered to that,” Reading and acquiring knowledge is the key to success be it any field.”

The students enquired about the job opportunities in the air force to which he shared a PPT about MBA recruitments in the fields of Administration, education and accounts departments of the Air force. The students were advised to refer the IAF Website for more information.

Overall, it was a very inspiring and educative session which motivated the students to take up challenges in life and reach great heights.

Chief Guests: Air Vice Marshal P K Kuruvila VSM & Mr. v Leeladhar, Mentor, Besant Institutions