MRPL-MSNIM Vigilance Awareness Week 2022

November 3, 2022

Inaugural Programme:

Chief Guest: Shri B.H.V. Prasad, Executive Director – Projects, MRPL

Presided by: Shri. Manel Annappa Nayak, President, Women’s National Education Society.

Words of Shri. B.H.V. Prasad

This year’s theme for the Vigilance Awareness Week is Corruption free India for a developed Nation. He spoke about why it is important to spread awareness against corruption and the purpose of conducting this event in order to educate the young generation about the ill effects of corruption. He also spoke about various forms of corruption. He highlighted some such as dishonesty, nepotism and use of influence etc., He also mentioned the necessity of students following the practices of Honesty Integrity Transparency and accountability in their day-to-day life.

He said that the corruption effects the quality of labour and increases poverty therefore we should try with determination to curb the occurrence of corruption. Good Morals, values of honesty and integrity help an individual have self-esteem and live fearlessly. MRPL has a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and checks and takes strict measures against any form of corruption.

As we have born in such a great country we should value it accordingly, therefore MSNIM and MRPL join hands every year in this noble cause of spreading awareness against corruption in the Vigilance Week.

Delegates attended: Students from 21-degree colleges (Total students 192)


Welcome Address: Director, Molly S. Chaudhuri, Director, MSNIM

Presidential Address: Mr. Manel Annappa Nayak, President, Women’s National Education Society.

Briefing about the Programme: Mrs. Noopur Kaushik Bhalla, Senior Manager, Vigilance, MRPL

M.C. by Nanditha Sunil

Vote of Thanks: Ms. Chitranjali, Asst. Professor, MSNIM

Valedictory Programme

Chief Guest: Shri Krishna Hegde, Group General Manager – Human Resources, MRPL

President of the Programme: Shri. Jeevandas Narayan, Secretary,Women’s National Education Society

Words of Shri Krishna Hegde:

Corruption effects every activity in the world. It impacts the social and economic development of the country and directly effects the poor and the middle class. The Government of India has taken various precautionary measures such as RTI, and the Lokpal bill in order to handle the various corruption issues. It is the responsibility of the younger generation to say no to corruption and grow up to be a good citizen. He said the responsibility lays on the youngsters, so it is important to inculcate values and culture in them. He urged everyone to say no to corruption and act accordingly in situations where bribes are demanded.


Welcome Address: Dr. Shilpi Saha, Assistant Professor, MSNIM

Report of the Programe: Mr. Lakshmeesha, Chief General Manager, Vigilance, MRPL

Presidential Address: Mr. Jeevandas Narayan, Secretary, Women’s National Education Society

M.C. by Mrs. Nanditha Sunil, Asst. Professor, MSNIM

Vote of Thanks: Mr. Praveen Pinto, Senior Manager, Vigilance, MRPL