Manel Srinivas Nayak Memorial Dialogues on Professional Managers - Sri George Albuquerque Pai, Managing Partner, M/s A. Albuquerque & Sons

November 23, 2019

The programme began with a prayer by Ms. Sushmitha, followed by the presentation of Security statement by Prof. Reema Agnes Frank. The welcome address and introduction of guests was given by Prof. Nanditha sunil.

George Albuquerque is the fourth generation entrepreneur for this traditional family owned business A Albuquerque and Sons, Mangaluru. He is presently the managing director of this firm which is a reputed manufacturer of clay roofing tiles. It was established by his forefather Alex Albuquerque Pai in 1868 under ‘Sun’ brand name. It is the first tile factory in the region to be started by an Indian. Today, it is also the oldest surviving tile factory in Mangaluru. Their tiles are used in India as well as abroad.

Speaking about his experiences of having worked closely in the tile industry for the last 48 years, Albuquerque highlighted the nuances that went in to the running of the firm’s business after the death of his father, Cyril Albuquerque. Highlighting his journey of success and challenges in the family business, he spoke of how tile industry was adversely affected due to the modern construction practices shifting from tiles to concrete and sheet roofing. Encouraging the students to become entrepreneurs, he stressed on the need for integrity and a “Never Say Die” attitude. “Always be ethical and honest in your dealings,” he advised the students and budding entrepreneurs.

Cecilia Albuquerque, members of the governing council of MSNM Besant Institute and Women’s National Education Society were present on this occasion. As part of the programme, the dignitaries planted a mango sapling in the campus. Later, they lit the lamp at the portrait of the institute’s founder President, late Manel Srinivas Nayak, after whom this institute and the dialogue series is named.

Initiating the dialogue series, a number of questions were posed by Sri V. Leeladhar to Sri. George Albuquerque relating to his personal and entrepreneurial life. Sri. George Albuquerque spoke on his early life, his career growth, his life experiences, deep insights about his entrepreneurial journey, the need to read inspirational books, ability to dream big, importance of intelligent hard work, importance of balancing personal and professional life.

The audience comprising of faculty members and students of other colleges and ours of were very much appreciative of the way Sri V. Leeladhar conducted the entire programme. They deemed it a great opportunity in their life to have witnessed the deliberations of two great personalities Sri. George Albuquerque an entrepreneur par excellence and Sri V. Leeladhar, who is internationally known for his financial acumen and transformational leadership. Dr. Molly S Chaudhuri, Director of our institute proposed the vote of thanks.