"Emerging Issues in International Trade"

August 11, 2022

There was a guest lecture, organised on 11th August 2022 wherein we had Mr. CA Abdul Rahman Musba, Hon. Treasure & Director, KCCI, Head Finance, Cardolite Specialty Chemicals India LLP who spoke with regards to emerging issues in international trade.

Mr. CA Abdul Rahman Musba was recently appointed as Hon. Treasure & Director of KCCI. He started the session by answering the general quires about the international trade. He then explained the process of international trades and told all the key points to remember when starting an import and export business. He explained in brief about all the required documents for the international trade to take place and the issues faced in the current international trade.

He spoke about the Special Economic Zone and its importance for country and its contribution to economic growth.

He explained the importance of international trade for the country's economy and how it helps to grow. He also spoke about Mangalore port and all the products imported and exported form the port. He made it an interactive session by involving the students by asking questions regarding the international business and trade.