People Gamut HR Solutions, Mangalore | Pre-Placement Talk

June 12, 2024


On 12th June 2024, People Gamut HR Solutions from Mangalore conducted a pre-placement talk at Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM), Bondel, Mangalore. The session aimed to provide students with insights into the recruitment process, the company’s expectations, and career opportunities available at People Gamut HR Solutions.

A Pre-placement talk by People Gamut HR solutions, Mangalore was conducted to the final years on 12 th June 2024 at 3:00pm in Swarna Academy Hall. The resource person for the session was Mr. Len Mohan Fernandes and he was accompanied by Ms. Chaitra and Mr. Rohan. Mr. Len began the session by giving a brief history and about great personalities who began this company and the motive behind naming the company as People Gamut. He gave the students some insights about the company’s International clients and how do they fulfill their client’s requirements.

Sir briefed about the job roles and working environment of the company.

Event Details

  • Date: 12th June 2024
  • Venue: MSNIM, Bondel, Mangalore
  • Organizer: People Gamut HR Solutions
  • Attendees: Final-year MBA students, faculty members, and the placement committee