Annual Day & graduation Day

August 7, 2023

The Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM) organised the annual day and graduation day for its outgoing MBA 23rd batch students (2021-23) on August 7, at the institute campus in Bondel, Mangaluru. Umesh Revankar, executive vice chairman, Shriram Finance Limited, was the chief guest. K V Raghav Kamath retired general manager of Corporation Bank and member of MSNIM governing body presided.

In his address, the chief guest, Umesh Revankar, advised the students to observe the three principles of success: Don’t depend on others to become successful. Don’t look for a godfather for success. Never indulge in office politics to get opportunities to be successful. "Develop a positive attitude in life. To get the job that you desire, first develop the skills that the job demands. Always be prepared to learn new things and update yourself continuously. Accept and adapt to the challenges. Work hard and be honest," he said.

In his presidential address, K V Raghav Kamath urged the students to develop the right attitude and align themselves with the needs of their jobs and customers. "Imbibe discipline. Distractions are many, so focus on the job. Complete your tasks on time or in advance. As a team member, think of team cohesiveness. Communication is more important than knowledge. So, improve your communication skills. Keep pace with the development of your institution and your role in it," he advised.

During the annual day, students were awarded medals and certificates for winning in various activities conducted under the Samanvaya Forum for the year 2022–2023. A video showing glimpses of the various activities held at the institute during the year was displayed.

The graduation ceremony commenced with the procession of the outgoing students and dignitaries. This was followed by the traditional Jyothi Pradhan ceremony, which was conducted by assistant professor Ashalatha. All the dignitaries and faculty added oil to the lamp and then lit it, symbolising the lamp of knowledge. The students lit their lamps from this main lamp, symbolising the spread of knowledge. Associate professor Dr Deepa V then administered the MBA oath.

Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy, former-president, Women’s National Education Society (WNES), Dr Manel Arjun Nayak, asst secretary, Institute Director Dr Molly S Chaudhuri, and associate professor Dr Sharan Kumar Shetty were present on the dais. M Narasimhadas Pai, member, WNES, was present.

Assistant professor Dr Shilpi Saha gave the welcome address and introduced the programme. Associate professor Dr Sharan Kumar Shetty gave the vote of thanks. Assistant professor Nanditha Sunil was the awards coordinator. Assistant professor Dr Reema Agnes Frank was the programme coordinator and conducted the event.