MSNIM-NITTE Student Entrepreneur Summit 2023

October 7, 2023

Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM), along with the Atal Incubation Centre, Nitte, organised the Student Entrepreneurs Summit 2023 on

Saturday, October 7, 2023, at the MSNIM Campus in Bondel, Mangalore. The objective of the summit was to facilitate student entrepreneurship, as there is an

urgent need to institutionalise entrepreneurial education on a large scale across institutions and colleges, contributing to entrepreneurial culture in society. 300

students from 20 colleges in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts participated.

Mr. Premnath S. Kudva, Chairman and Managing Director, Canara Workshops Ltd., was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony. Mr. Manel Annappa Nayak, President, Women’s National Education Society, presided over the programme. The institute correspondent and honorary secretary of WNES Mr. Jeevandas Narayan, Vice President Mr. Suresh Pai, Member Mr., Ajith Kamath, AIC Nitte CEO, Dr. A. P. Achar, AIC Nitte Incubation centre team and institute director Dr. Molly S. Chaudhuri were present.

In his address, Mr. Premnath S. Kudva motivated the students with his own personal experience as an entrepreneur. “Before starting any venture, we should be sure about any calculative risks and future prospects for the product,” he advised. Mr. Jeevandas Narayan explained the importance of entrepreneurship and how it helps in the growth of the economy. He also made the students aware of the downsides of entrepreneurship and advised them to be capable of taking risks. In his presidential address, Manel Annappa Nayak threw light on the importance of business. “Smaller B-schools should be funded by corporations. This will give opportunities to develop entrepreneurs in the institution,” he opined.

The programme comprised three sessions led by renowned resource persons. Dr. T. Prasad, Professor, NITIE (IIM, Mumbai), spoke on ‘Roadmap for Student Enterprises’. Jagadish Shekar Naik, co-founder of TalenTree People Consulting Pvt. Ltd., spoke on ‘Best Practices in Entrepreneurship’. Dr. A.P. Achar, CEO, AIC Nitte, led a panel discussion on ‘Support for Student Enterprises’. Dr. Arun Isloor, Professor in Charge, NITK-STEP, Surathkal, led a conversation on ‘Support for Student Enterprises’.

MBA students Amrutha V., Sriraksha, and Kavya Bangera rendered the invocation. Dr Deepa V, Associate Professor welcomed & introduced the guests for the inaugural ceremony. Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the programme, Nanditha Sunil delivered the vote of thanks.  Assistant Professor Dr. Shilpi Saha and Associate Professor Dr. Reema Agnes Frank and Assistant Professor Archana Kamath introduced the resource persons for the 3 sessions held. Sharanya G.K. compered the programme.


10:30AM – 11:15 AM A roadmap for student startups

11:15AM – 12:00PM Business opportunity for student enterprises

12:00PM – 12:45PM Best practice in Entrepreneurship

12:45PM – 01:30PM Support for student enterprises

1 st Session – The guest was Introduced by Assistant Professor Dr. Shilpi Saha

Dr. D. Prasad - A roadmap for student startups: -

Dr. D. Prasad has devoted 25 years to teaching MBA students in Mumbai, drawing from a background where he worked as a tailor to support his education. His passion lies in shaping students to excel as employees and entrepreneurs. He asserts that while initiating entrepreneurship may seem straightforward, grasping the essence of entrepreneurship and understanding the prerequisites for success is crucial.

His mantra, one day, one student earns 100 rupees, &quote; underscores a practical learning approach to entrepreneurship. The three-step philosophy of Socho, Becho, Seekho; emphasizes the importance of thinking, selling, and learning in the entrepreneurial process. Dr. D. Prasad advocates for the perfect implementation of education, going. beyond theoretical knowledge to comprehend concepts deeply and apply them practically. The directive to "First go out and sell", highlights the significance of mastering the art of selling, viewing it as a foundational skill for aspiring entrepreneurs. The notion of selling everything one has learned underscores an iterative learning process, encouraging continuous improvement based on real-world experiences. His concluding statement, "Hum hi hai Malik" – We are the owners” signifies empowerment and individual responsibility, urging students to take charge of their destinies both as employees and potential entrepreneurs.

In summary, Dr. D. Prasad's teachings embody a pragmatic and hands-on approach to education, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and the practical application of knowledge. His philosophy encourages students to proactively learn from experiences, develop essential skills, and recognize their empowerment in shaping their professional journeys.

2 nd Session - The guest was Introduced by Assistant Professor Archana Kamath

Mr. Jagadish Shekar Nayak: -

Mr Jagadish addressed various facets of entrepreneurship and skill development during the 2015 ATC (Atal Incubation Centre) National Opportunity event. He underscored the initial phase of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the significance of data mining to comprehend societal problems. Providing statistical insights, he noted that there were 27 crore students enrolled from kindergarten to post-graduation in 2015, with an employability rate of 4.157%. Within the realm of aspiring entrepreneurs, the speaker revealed that only 2% achieve success, 18% manage to survive, while a substantial 80% face

failure. In detailing his company's endeavors, the speaker mentioned its turnover and the extensive reach of 352 training centres across 16 states. Furthermore, the company actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, specifically tailoring training programs for youth. Notably, the company contributed to the training of approximately 11 lakh government high school teachers. In summary, the speaker emphasized the data-driven approach to entrepreneurship, highlighted challenges in employability, and showcased the company's impactful initiatives in training and CSR efforts.

3rd Session – The guest was Introduced by Associate Professor Dr. Reema Frank

Panel Discussion: -

Dr. A.P. Achar


Dr. Arun Isloor

Dr. A.P. Achar discussed their active support for emerging entrepreneurs, emphasizing the collaborative efforts with entrepreneurs abroad. Dr. Arun Isloor

highlighted the Science Technology Incubation Bar (STIB), noting that Robosoft Company was the inaugural tech firm incubated from 1998 to 2003 at NITK resulting in 25 successful startup ventures. The session emphasized opportunities for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through government grants in India. Essential qualities attributed to entrepreneurs included a drive to do good, a penchant for innovation, and empathy for social issues. The discussion underscored the belief that every business idea stems from addressing a problem. The session concluded with a Q&A segment.