Social gracing Faux pas- MSNIM Alumni series

January 14, 2022

Ms. Binny Chan a student of the 14th batch was invited to give a talk on Social Gracing Faux Pas. She was invited as a part of the Alumni Talk Series held every month at the institute. Students of the 22nd and 23rd batch attended the talk. The guest was introduced by Prof. Nanditha Sunil.

Ms. Binni spoke in brief about the etiquettes to be followed in the formal setup. She demonstrated how to stand out from the crowd being the MBAs. She threw light on basic social media etiquettes, dining etiquettes, washroom etiquettes to be followed. She enlightened the students with the dos and don'ts of the interview.

She commented on how actions speak louder than words. Being the proud alumni of MSNIM, she shared her experience on how her post-graduation days boosted her personality. She also stressed of the importance of how to make use of the opportunities that comes our way. Dr Molly S Chaudhuri, Director presented Ms. Binni Chan with a memento. Prof. Nanditha Sunil delivered the Vote of thanks.

A session on Social gracing Faux pas- (MSNIM Alumni series) By Mrs Binni Chan, faculty, St Aloysius College