MSNIM Alumni Web Series Talk on the “Opportunities for MBA in Public Sector” by Zeeval Khan

January 9, 2021

A talk on “Opportunities for MBA in PublicSector” by Mr. Zeeval Khan was organized by the Alumni Association on SaturdayJanuary 09,2021, to the 1ST and 2ND year students of MBA.The guest was introduced by Ms. Sneha Shetty 2ND year MBA andwelcomed by the Director Dr. Molly S Chaudhari by handing over a book.

Mr. ZeevalKhan started the session by stressing the importance of 3 P’s- Passion,Perfection and Patience. He gave a vast idea about his experience of gettinginto the Government job. He also mentioned about the various posts available asper qualifications starting from SSC to Post Graduation. He mentioned about thepay scales, area of work and the specializations required for most of theposts. He also covered the various examinations to be taken up and thepreparation involved in cracking these exams by reading various books and siteswhich he mentioned during his talk.

He endedhis talk by inspiring students to take up such exams and lead a successful liferather than depending on corporate jobs.

The programme was ended with the vote of thanksby Ms. Anuradha Gatty and Alumni Coordinator Ms. Nanditha Sunil handed over amemento to Mr. Zeeval Khan.