June 7, 2024
SRI V. LEELADHAR Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India
In Conversation with
SRI. AVIJIT BHATTACHARYA Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), Tata Capital Limited

The Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM) organised a conversation with Avijit Bhattacharya, chief human resource officer (CHRO), Tata Capital Limited, as part of its popular MSN Dialogue Series on Friday, June 7 at the institute campus in Bondel. The institute mentor and former RBI deputy governor Vittaldas Leeladhar moderated the dialogue. Students and faculty, led by the institute director, Dr Molly S Chaudhuri, participated in the programme, which was conducted online.

The MSN Dialogue Series features interactive sessions with accomplished individuals and corporate leaders, structured in a question-and-answer format to provide students with personal insights into the minds of top achievers. This initiative is named after the institution’s founder, Manel Srinivas Nayak.
Responding to the questions posed by Leeladhar, Avijit Bhattacharya shared his family's journey from Bangladesh to India during the partition, highlighting his father's success at TELCO and his own birth in Jamshedpur. Despite early hardships, the family prospered, and Avijit, the eldest son and first graduate in his family, pursued an MBA with Tata's support.

Drawing on his diverse corporate experience, which includes establishing a car finance division and managing an online trading platform, he highlighted the value of taking on critical roles and being open to relocation opportunities. “More than academic achievements, it’s the skills developed through action that make one stand out. Skills like creativity, risk-taking, and resilience are vital for leadership. Cultivating discipline, continuous learning, and adaptability are crucial for professional growth,” he said. He also discussed Tata Administrative Services (TAS), a programme started in 1956 to groom leaders for the Tata Group, involving rigorous selection and rotational training across departments.

MBA student Pallavi welcomed the gathering. Keerthana gave the vote of thanks. Shrinidhi anchored the programme. Assistant professor Sathvika Shetty was the coordinator of the programme.