Management Fest - Edify 2020 - 6 Degree(A Blazing quest for Nexus)

March 3, 2020

Six degrees is the theory that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. Edify 2020 with a theme 6 degree – A Blazing quest for Nexus was inaugurated by Mr. Walter Nandalike. Director Dr. Molly S Chaudhuri welcomed the Guests. Ms. Nanditha Sunil, Faculty Coordinator of Edify 2020 briefed the gathering about the programmes planned for the day. Mr. Nandalike emphasised on positive thinking and encouraged the participants to take criticism positively & not to be ashamed to commit any mistake, as mistakes are our stepping stones towards success. The function was presided by Mr. Devananad Pai Secretary WNES. We had 18 Colleges who had participated in various events held during the day. Our students were able to learn a lot of new things while engulfing themselves into the fest. Post the inaugural program there were different events. Among the events were:

  1. Capella  - “It’s time for an expert” related to Finance. 
  2. Algol  - “Human resources isn’t a thing we do, it’s a thing that runs our business” related to Human resource.
  3. Polaris - “Great Ideas start with a scribble” related to Marketing.
  4. Mintaka - “The struggle is real but the Triumph is Surreal” related to Best management team.
  5. Denebola - “Where a smart answer won’t get you fired” related to quiz.
  6. Alnilam  - “If you have been delayed, then it’s time to take a relay” related to Relay Team.
  7. Canopus - “Champions keep playing until they get it right” related to Best Manager.

This event provides an open platform for the holistic expression of talent besides bringing together youngsters of various educational institutions to celebrate creativity, innovation and the spirit of participation & Networking which is connected to our theme 6 degree.

“EDIFY 2020” was concluded at the end of the day with a valedictory programme. CEO of Spearhead Group Mr Brian Fernandes was the chief guest of the valedictory programme. Addressing the gathering Brain Fernandes said “As you learn, have lots of fun because after you leave the institution the fun stops and only learning remains. There is a manager and a leader in each of us. We have to rise from becoming a manager to a leader by committing SIN – strategy, Integrity & Innovation.” He also advised the students to compete against themselves and not with others and to do the task better than yesterday.

Mr Raghava Kamath in his presidential address to the gathering spoke about the all round development of an individual and how it helps one succeed in life. 

The winners of the various competitions were announced during the valedictory. Overall Champions - AJ Institute of management, Runners – Up: Shri Devi Institute of Technology, MBA Department Kenjar

Prof. Nanditha Sunil, Faculty Coordinator welcomed the gathering  Ridhvika Shetty, Faculty Coordinator of Edify 2020 briefed about the event. The programme concluded by National Anthem.