Guest Talk on 'Money Management- A Life Skill' by Mr. Deepak Rao Founder & Director at Simplus Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd Bangalore

February 22, 2024
On FMr. Deepak Rao, Founder & Director at Simplus Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd Bangalore

On February 22, 2024, Mr. Deepak Rao, Founder & Director at Simplus Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd Bangalore, delivered a guest talk about money management. He discussed how important it is to learn this skill for financial success and future prospects.

Mr. Deepak Rao addressed MBA students, highlighting certification courses offered by NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). These courses provide knowledge and skills in finance, beneficial for those aspiring to work in the industry.

He then shared insights on trading and investing, cautioning about the misconception of getting rich quickly. Mr. Rao discussed how even intelligent individuals can make mistakes, leading to significant losses. He emphasized the need for thorough research and analysis before investing.

Transitioning to entrepreneurship, Mr. Rao outlined two key objectives: identifying and solving problems to generate income. He noted that many startups fail within six months because they focus solely on making money. Instead, he advised focusing on solving a problem to create a successful business.

Moving on to the stock market, Mr. Rao explained that the market itself is not risky; rather, it is the individuals involved who introduce risk. He likened the market to a pond where big fish (experienced investors) make decisions, while small fish (Small / new investors) should follow rules and invest wisely after thorough research and analysis for long-term gains.

Discussing common mistakes, Mr. Rao referenced successful business figures like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham, who have outlined principles in their books. He emphasized the importance of learning from these experts to avoid common pitfalls in trading and investing.

In summary, Mr. Rao's talk emphasized the importance of education, research, and long-term planning in trading, investing, and entrepreneurship. His insights provided valuable guidance for MBA students looking to navigate the financial landscape successfully.

In conclusion, mastering money management is a crucial life skill that everyone should aim for. The talk by Mr. Deepak Rao on February 22, 2024, provided valuable insights into budgeting, saving, investing, and financial literacy. With his advice students will be better prepared to manage their finances, invest and establish a secure and prosperous future for themselves.