Guest talk on IGNITE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING by Shubham Maskar

October 14, 2023

The speaker Mr. Shubham Maskar discussed about how Digital Marketing is relevant and can impact the job Market. He also gave insight on How leads are generated using Digital Marketing?. Then also he put up what are the Career Opportunity you have now? That is relevance on Career opportunity. He also discussed on Difference between Qualification Based V/s Skill Based Marketing. He also disussed on the sources to apply for a job?. He also threw light on Job Description. Then also on what are Layoffs at Indian Start-ups and the points included in it that is Provision Period, Low Hiring, Minimum Increment, under skilled candidates. Importance of skills to be noticed.

He also gave an insights on Texture Image and Templatize Image. He also threw light on Google ads how it is useful and how it can be Revenue Friendly. The topics under Google Ads was discussed by Mr. Shubham Maskar that is Sponsored, Google soft, Google Search ads. Traditional Marketing V/S Digital Marketing was also discussed in the session.

In generating Leads concepts he also discussed on Mobile App Marketing, Email-Marketing,How to start with Leads. He also discussed in the Session regarding the Impact of Digital Marketing in Industries and Businesses. He also discussed on Business Growth, start-up, Freelancing and on Job. He also discussed on the Salary Growth in India through Digital Marketing.