Fresher's day

February 24, 2022

The fresher’s day party was hosted by the students of 22nd batch in the Nethravathi Auditorium to welcome the 23rd batch. The hall was decorated beautifully by the seniors which the juniors loved. The juniors were welcomed to the venue with a surprise dance at the entrance of the Nethravathi hall.

The fresher’s day program began with a formal function. The ceremony began by seeking the blessing of the almighty with the prayer followed by lighting of the auspicious lamp by our dear Director Dr. Molly S Chaudhuri and the class representatives of both batches. This was then followed by an inspiring welcome speech by the Director Dr. Molly S Chaudhuri.

The president of the college Manuraj welcomes the gathering and secretary Anujna proposed the vote of thanks also shared their thoughts with the juniors. The formal function was hosted by Jyotsna.

The informal program was hosted by Avishma Alva and Sonia. The first half of the day was hosted by the seniors the 22nd batch and the second half was given to the juniors the 23rd batch. The winners of the Mr. and Mrs. Fresher of the 23 rd batch were Mr. Mohammed Razak and Ms Isha respectively.

There was also the Mr./Ms. Fresher final round conducted where the nominated juniors showcased their talent wonderfully and all did an excellent Ramp walk.

There was an inspirational and emotional dance performance on the concept of women safety by Pooja and the team.

A game was also organized for the juniors of guess the movie where one member of a pair acts out the movie name and the other one has to guess. The juniors really enjoyed playing this game. Then to fuel the humor of the event, there was a Funny dance performed by Mamatha and her team. A Majestic Solo Dance was also performed by Urjitha from second year.

To keep up with the Trends The above was followed with an Engaging dance of the latest TikTok/Reel Trends which was really enjoyed by the juniors.

The last dance for the event was performed by Priya and team to add on to the already amazing fresher’s day that was conducted.

Lastly the video of the overall preparation video /or behind the scenes of the fresher’s day arrangements was shared with the juniors where not only their hard work but also the amazing memories they were creating was seen. Overall, it was an amazing and very fun function for the juniors. The juniors would like to thank the seniors for such and fun, amazing Time and the grand welcome they were given.

The morning event was followed by the juniors hosting an event in the afternoon to thank their seniors for the grand and amazing welcome they had received. It began with the opening hosts Arpitha and Kavya entering the hall in filmy style and engaging with the Audience. The prayer was performed by Deekshitha and Shriram from the first year MBA.

After the prayer the event was taken over by the game masters for the day Wilma and Akshaya. To get the activeness on, a game of keep the lemon in your mouth and sing the song was played.

There was a solo Malayalam song by Sachin followed by a duo song by the nightingales of the class Nidhi and Avanthika later joined by the sweet singers of the class for a group performance.

Following the amazing song by Nidhi and her team was another fun game for the seniors of Appy fizz and the straw.

To add on to the excitement a dance was performed by the dancers of 1st year MBA. The seniors really enjoyed this dance performance.

The last game was played for the evening that is ‘Can you sing a Newspaper’. This game truly made all of us laugh.

Last but not the least for the most awaited moment, ‘The crowning of Mr. AND Ms. Fresher’. Mr. Raziq and Ms. Isha Won the title of Mr. and Ms. Fresher.

To conclude the amazing day, the students were then served Refreshments followed by an amazing party in the Nethravathi hall with dance and music and filled with lots of fun.

Overall, it was a very memorable day which the students really enjoyed.

Fresher's day