Child Rights

February 5, 2022

Ms. Shobha Jacintha Dsouza Asst professor from the social work department, Roshni Nilaya held a workshop for our 22nd and 23rd batch students on the topic Child rights. The guest was introduced and welcomed by Ms Sonia of 2 nd yr MBA.

The session began with a Warmup song to boost the energy of the workshop. The expectation of the students from the workshop were discussed. Ms. Shobha then went on to speaking and educating the students about Basic child Rights. There was a candle Activity also held to help the students understand more on this concept. This activity taught the students about the issue of suppression of human will leading to competition among the youth. The point that every human is unique and precious in their own way was also highlighted.

The cases of where child rights are not served towards children were also spoken about, such as child abuse, Lack or basic education etc. The students were informed about what they can do from their part to help such situations and the steps to follow in case such cases are witnessed by the students.

The game of the lion and sheep were also played to help the students understand the situation better where the child was the sheep and the child abusers was the lion. The more the people who joined hands to protect the sheep, the safer the sheep was and the lion’s attempts were failing. This game activity taught the student that if we all join hands together and take correct timely actions toward child abuse cases. We can really bring a change and save at least 1000 children from misery and give them a happy life.

One of the students was made to call the child helpline number- 1098 for a quick training session on what a student can do in case of such child mistreatment cases. The Topic of Abortion was also talked and discussed about by Ms. Shobha. Overall, the session was very education and inspiring and the students will apply what they learned from this workshop in their daily life when needed to make our society a happy place to live in for all.

As session on Child Rights by MS. Shobha, Jacintha D'souza, Roshni Nilaya