Budget Analysis

February 9, 2023

Mr. CA Anwesh Shetty, Chartered Accountant and Lawyer, conducted Budget Analysis session on the recent Budget been proposed by the Central Government.

The review was presented by the students of the 23 rd and 24 th batch. CA Anwesh Shetty had given the various subjects beforehand on which major amendments were taken up during the budget.

Based on the topics the students were divided and the time was allotted to them.

After each of the groups presented their topics, CA Anwesh Shetty explained in brief and made aware of the recent changes in the Budget and what was it before the budget and how it affected and now after the change how it effects.

The MC for the program was Ms. Anushree Shetty, student of final year MBA, who introduced the guest as well rendered the vote of thanks.