A Training Session by JC Mukesh Bhandari, Provisional National Trainer, JCI India on How to set Future-JCI Orientation

July 24, 2023

A Training Session on “How to Set Future” was organised on 24th July 2023. The Resource person was JC Mukesh Bhandari, Provisional National Trainer, JCI India.

During the session, he provided valuable insights into the functioning of JCI (Junior Chamber International) and how his involvement in the organization has improved his communication skills, enabling him to address large audiences effectively. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between seriousness and fun in life to stay happy. Throughout the talk, he encouraged building meaningful relationships with parents during childhood, teachers during school years, and friends as one grows older.

The session included interactive activities, such as holding hands to demonstrate teamwork and coordination, as well as jumping over a rope with eyes blindfolded to assess team management skills. Overall, the talk provided valuable insights into personal growth, the importance of continuous learning, and the significance of teamwork in both professional and personal aspects of life. It was an enriching and wonderful experience for all attendees. 118 students benefitted from this session.